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A “Special” FA Cup victory for Liverpool, according to captain Jordan Henderson

FA Cup victory for Liverpool

In the FA Cup final win over Chelsea on Saturday, Jordan Henderson made Liverpool Football Club history at Wembley Stadium.

A penalty shootout victory, 6-5, saw Liverpool win the FA Cup for the first time since 2006, when they beat Manchester United 1-0 in the final.

In his six years as Liverpool’s captain, Henderson has led the team to six trophies, including the Premier League and Champions League.

The FA Cup is the sixth trophy in six different competitions, following the Champions League, UEFA Super Cup, FIFA Club World Cup, Premier League, and EFL Cup victories.

In the history of the club, Henderson is the only captain to have won six trophies with the team.

The 31-year-old midfielder, who joined Liverpool from Sunderland in 2011, told BBC Sport that Saturday’s victory was “special.”

He stated, “We’re here to lift trophies.” “We work so diligently throughout the entire season. To come here and cross the finish line means a great deal to everyone. The club owes it to the supporters.

We haven’t been in this final in quite some time, so winning it was a special occasion.

Liverpool faced tough competition from Chelsea, just as they did in the EFL Cup final in February, which the Reds also won on penalties.

Mo Salah left with a limp in the 33rd minute because he might have hurt his groin. This made Liverpool’s job even harder.

The Liverpool club have been without Fabinho since the midfielder suffered a hamstring injury during Tuesday’s Premier League victory at Aston Villa.

Henderson added, “It was challenging; we anticipated as much.” So many games have occurred in such a short period of time. It was a major setback when Mo and Fab left the team last week.

But that’s what we’re all about: the mentality and disposition to persevere and dig in when the going gets tough. So to win the game on penalties is astounding. All praise goes to the boys.

“As we’ve seen in the last two finals, the margins are extremely small. We must simply continue to give everything we have. We have to put in the time and effort to make the most of the players we do have.

“We’ve got a lot of great players and personalities in our dressing room. You will win trophies if you put that all together.

At this point in the season, we’ve won twice. We still have a few big games to go. All we have to do now is push through to the end and see what we can come up with.

“We must quickly recover in order to be ready for the crucial match against Southampton on Tuesday.” Afterwards, the Champions League final, and then Wolves to wrap things up for the season in the Premier League this weekend.

It’s important for us to finish the season strong, so we’re hoping to win our final three games.

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In the Professional Fighters League’s Main Event, Alex Martinez Comes Out on Top Over Clay Collard

In the Professional Football Leagues Main Event Alex Martinez Comes Out on Top Over Clay Collard

At the fourth event of the Fighters League’s regular season in 2022, the lightweight and light heavyweight divisions fought.

The playoffs are coming up soon. The main event of PFL 4 was a lightweight fight between Clay Collard and Alex Martinez. The three-round fight was entertaining enough to be the main event.

Collard (21-10, 1 NC) confidently advanced forward while throwing punches, showing off his boxing skills. In the beginning, Martinez (10-2, 1 NC) was unable to deal with the pressure and became susceptible to takedowns.

In the second round, “Cassius” Clay dropped Martinez with a well-timed hook and followed his opponent to the mat.

This was a mistake, as the Paraguayan fighter would take Collard’s back and threaten with a rear-naked choke.

Despite Collard’s best efforts in the third, Martinez was able to take him down and finish the fight in the top position.

For Martinez, it was a two-out-of-three split decision victory after 15 minutes of action, with two of the three judges awarding him a 29-28 scorecard.

Martinez has qualified for the PFL playoffs after the win. In the co-main event, Antonio Carlos Jr., the PFL 2021 light heavyweight champion, defeated Bruce Souto to clinch a playoff spot.

Souto (15-5) showed little urgency after he was knocked out of playoff contention midway through the fight, and Carlos Jr. (15-5, 2-NC) dominated the fight from start to finish.

The Brazilian’s final takedown, the “Cara de Sapato,” gave him the unanimous decision victory he needed with three 30-27 scorecards.

Carlos Jr. will face Omari Akhmedov in the semifinals, who is ranked No. 3. Reigning PFL lightweight champion Raush Manfio was knocked out by Olivier Aubin-Mercier in his first fight since 2018.

After slow starts by both strikers in Round 1, Aubin-Mercier (15-5) disrupted Manfio’s game (16-4) in Round 2.

Another slow motion shot, this time with Aubin-Mercier leading the way on the feet. “Cavalo de Guerra” would see some action in the third round, but it was too late.

“The Canadian Gangster” won the fight by scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28, advancing to the playoffs with a total of six points this season.

The main event began with a lightweight bout between Myles Price and Jeremy Stephens, a veteran of the mixed martial arts combat sport.

With their shaved head hair, the Ultimate Fighting Championship alumni showed that they had difficulty gaining weight and dealing with Price’s all-around game (11-9).

It was Stephens (29-20, 1 NC) who had the better calf kicks, but was unable to find his rhythm for a stoppage in this fight. Resilient Price was able to take advantage of favorable ground positions in the final two rounds of the tournament.

With scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 in favor of Stephens, the judges awarded him a split decision victory and three points, but he failed to advance to the PFL playoffs.

After defeating Teodoras Aukstuolis, light heavyweight contender Akhmedov remained unbeaten in the 2022 PFL season.

In the first round, Aukstuolis (11-7-1) was repeatedly punished on the feet by Akhmedov’s (23-7-1) heavy hands.

After dropping Akhmedov in the second round, Aukstuolis had a glimmer of hope, but the Lithuanian was swept and eventually submitted via arm-triangle choke.

At the 2:50 mark of Round 2, Aukstuolis didn’t tap, but he was knocked out by a chokehold. Akhmedov now has 11 points and is assured of a playoff berth. For three rounds, Natan Schulte and Marcin Held traded blows as lightweights.

When these two met in 2021, Held (27-9) came out on top, but Schulte (22-5-1) showed growth in their second meeting.

To put it succinctly, he kept the fight on its feet for long periods of time with the help of his sharper punches, which allowed him to build a lead over his Brazilian opponent.

Schulte won the fight by scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 after the first 15 minutes. Schulte gained three points as a result of the win. Delan Monte stunned Emiliano Sordi in the light heavyweight division.

Both fighters exchanged early blows, but it was Monte (8-2) who landed the more precise ones. Sordi (23-11-1), who was unable to compose himself as Monte rained down punches, was clipped by a huge overhand right.

At 1:32 of the first round, the six points were officially awarded. The victory over fellow light heavyweight Viktor Pesta by Rob Wilkinson earned him a place in the PFL playoffs.

Wilkinson (15-2) pounded Pesta (18-8) with punches and dominated the center of the cage at the start of the fight.

A well-timed counter from “Razor” dropped Pesta, who was clearly dazed, and the fight was called off at 3:03 of the first round after several punches from “Razor.”

The No. 1 seed and a semi-final clash with Monte have been secured for the Australian with 11 points. Joshua Silveira dominated Marthin Hamlet in the first fight of the night at light heavyweight, adding to his impressive highlight reel in the process.

An early head kick from Silveira (9-0) knocked Hamlet (9-4) out of the fight.. In the end, the undefeated American knocked his opponent out with a knee and a series of punches.

Silveira earned six points in his promotional debut after the game ended at 3:27 of Round 1. In the first showcase fight, Jake Childers, a lightweight replacement, faced off against Nate Jennerman.

“Nasty” sprung into action as he pinned Childers (9-3) against the cage and threw a barrage of punches at him.

In the second round, Jennerman (16-5) finished “The Working Man” with a rear-naked choke to win by unanimous decision. Round 2’s official taping occurred at 2:00 p.m.

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The Cowgirls consider their mistakes and the season they cost them in their quest to improve

The Cowgirls consider their mistakes and the season they cost them in their quest to improve

OKLAHOMA CITY – When watching three Longhorns round the bases, Texas softball coach Mike White said he had one thought go through his mind as he was watching them.


The Oklahoma State defence appeared to be someone else entirely as a result of the speed with which Jordyn Whitaiker, Janae Jefferson, and Bella Dayton ran around the bases.

The error in the fielding position in right field occurred first, followed by the spiked throw to second base, which led to the ball rolling into the wall in centre field.

It took only 17 seconds for the entire sequence to play out, but it was decisive in the Longhorns’ 6-5 victory over Oklahoma State, which put them in the driver’s seat to advance to the championship series of the NCAA tournament.

Senior Sydney Pennington from Oregon State University stated that she was not thinking about the upcoming game. She was completely oblivious to the play that cost Oklahoma State the opportunity to compete against Oklahoma for the national championship.

She wasn’t giving any thought to the fact that the Ohio State defence, which was coming into the game with a fielding percentage of.981 and was ranked second best in the NCAA, made a two-on-one play.

Pennington responded by saying, “I’m not really thinking about the game all that much right now.” “I’m just kind of trying to make some more memories with my friends and just take in everything that has happened here for the very last time.

“I think we can all look back and see that we could have done things differently, but you know, it is what it is, and I’m just glad that we keep setting the bar higher and higher each year for OSU.”

Pennington is one of six super seniors who have just finished their final game in an Ohio State softball uniform and removed their jerseys.

Simply put, OSU head coach Kenny Gajewski wanted to convey his gratitude to the group of players who were instrumental in transforming his programme.

When that group of players arrived in Stillwater in 2018, it had been eight seasons since Oklahoma State University had competed in the College World Series (WCWS).

Three out of the four opportunities that the 2018 freshman class had, the Cowgirls were successful in reaching Oklahoma City.

Junior pitcher Kelly Maxwell expressed her shock by saying, “There are no words.” I mean, these girls, who I have looked up to ever since I walked through the door, are the epitome of a cowgirl.

Following the game, Maxwell expressed that she was exhausted. At the highest level of softball competition, it had been an exhausting week on both a physical and emotional level.

She started for OSU in the first two games of the WCWS, and the Buckeyes won both of those games.

The game on Monday started with the ball being given to Morgan Day, who is Oklahoma State University’s secondary pitcher.

Day had the responsibility of beating the Longhorns, a team that they had a perfect 4-0 record against this season, in order to advance the Cowgirls to the final of the WCWS.

According to the senior Chelsea Alexander, the Cowgirls had a lacklustre start. They were defeated by a score of 5-0.

Alexander stated, “I don’t know if it was playing Texas, I don’t know, I don’t know what that reason was.”

It took 31 minutes from the last out of the first game until the first pitch of the second game, which was played with both teams in danger of being eliminated from the tournament.

Kiley Naomi and Karli Petty each hit a home run that was good for two runs, and that helped OSU get out to a quick 5-0 lead in the second game. OSU played better under the pressure of the second game.

“I’m like, ‘I feel pretty good,'” Gajewski said. “Not going to lie. I mean, who wouldn’t be excited about that? Now that I think about it, I realise that I never for a moment believed that the game was over.

However, I was in a good mood. To put it another way, we scored five runs. There is Kelly Maxwell here. We have a strong defence, but for some reason—and I don’t know whether it was us or our girls—we just couldn’t close the deal. I am unable to say. “

Following the conclusion of the second game, the Longhorns huddled together near their dugout to take in the applause of their home fans. Kenny Gajewski stood next to home plate.

At the end of the line of people shaking hands, he gave each Cowgirl a warm embrace by wrapping his arms around them.

Alexander stated that it was “just incredible” to look back over the past five years and see the amount of growth that had occurred during that time. “And so to be a part of that and to have that opportunity, like I have no words for what that means to me,” she said. “And so to be a part of that and to have that opportunity.”

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The Rangers’ Play Was Energetic And Uninhibited

The Rangers Play Was Energetic And Uninhibited

The New York Rangers have two constants that transcend time and space.

For starters, their navy blue uniforms are a work of art in team shmata, with white shadowing and a diagonal “R A N G E R S” running from right shoulder to left belt level.

Indeed, if they care about their dignity, they should bring back the old-timey white “NEW YORK” roadies as well.

Despite defeating the Tampa Bay Lightning 6-2 in Game 1 of the Eastern Conference final, the New York Rangers will suffer some serious deterioration before the big beer cooler is presented.

What they do and who they are are inextricably linked. Each time they win the Cup—which happens about every ten presidents—their supporters act as if it’s anything other than a night filled with dance turndowns, lost wallets, and calls to Dad from the police station at 4:00 a.m.

For a team that hasn’t won a championship in a long time, the New York Rangers are looking younger, sprightlier, jumpier and less aware of their past than they have in years.

After thrashing Tampa Bay, the Rangers scored six goals that looked like they were improvised masterpieces, while the Lightning looked sluggish and dreary, as though they’d been around for some time.

Greetings from Filip Chytil.

Chytil’s two goals on the only two shots he managed to put on net turned a tense early game into the makings of a rout, which eventually became the eventual outcome.

Chris Kreider, 30, and Mika Zibanejad, 28, lead a young New York team that includes him, as well as Chytil, Alexis Lafreniere, Kappo Kakko, Adam Fox, and K’Andre Miller, all of whom are younger and more dynamic.

Since Sam Rosen’s career was made by Stephane Matteau 28 years ago, the New York Rangers have been as deep as any Ranger team since Igor Shesterkin and Charcoal Starter-Faced Head Coach Gerard Gallant.

Watching Wednesday’s game and noting how much more animated the Rangers were than the ‘Ning is the trick here, but the real challenge is figuring out how New York managed to blow the gaff and lose.

At this point, the only thing you’ve got is the sluggish old snail trail to fall back on: they’re like the Knicks, but with a better wardrobe.

Because Game 1 of the conference finals always serves as a shocker for the older team, it’s safe to assume they’re still in that position.

After thrashing Florida like roadside diner eggs, Tampa had eight days off, and the ‘Ning looked far too rested.

As Chytil, Kakko, and Lafreniere, the Rangers’ derivatively named Kid Line, proved to Tampa Bay, the Lightning’s final appearances are never as easy as they appear in the rearview mirror.

When it came to Andrei Vasilevskiy, the Rangers showed him to be nothing more than an average stopper, rather than an exceptional keeper.

Tampa has skate sharpeners older than Lafreniere and more consonants available than the Rangers, plus they have Brayden Point in reserve.

This does not guarantee that the rest of the series will play out this way. There isn’t enough evidence to write off a two-time champion just yet.

Even so, aren’t the Rangers looking good? In the meantime, that is what they are best at.

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