AboutBit opens one of the country’s largest cryptocurrency mining operations

AboutBit opens cryptocurrency mining operations

AboutBit, a Kentucky-based company that was a pioneer in the field of environmentally friendly cryptocurrency mining, has announced plans to locate a brand-new, cutting-edge mining facility in Merom, Indiana.

This facility will be powered by 115 megawatts of electricity supplied by WIN Energy. The agreement with WIN Energy, which will last for five years, places the project in the top 10 crypto power projects currently being developed in the United States.

In the next month and a half, the first phase of the project will go live. This phase has the full support of the state, as well as the backing of local governments and utilities. In the end, it will be able to support more than 50,000 machines, all of which will be used to mine Bitcoin as well as other proof-of-work assets.

The technology that the project utilizes and the team that is working on it set it apart from competing large-scale cryptocurrency mining facilities. (https://aboutbit.co/leadership/). The leadership team at AboutBit is comprised of members who have extensive experience in the field of information technology and a history of leading profitable business operations.

The group is working to improve the model of the cryptocurrency community by conducting operations in the mindset of a high-end datacenter. Their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, such as liquid cooling systems, will help make the installation as efficient and effective as possible. This means that more computing power will be available without using more energy.

The geographical setting offers additional benefits to the mining industry, as well as to investors and the local community. Since the Merom Generating Station is already on the 10-acre property, transmission and other necessary infrastructure have already been built there.

Griggs says that the project’s ability to grow on its own makes it easy for cryptocurrency miners from outside AboutBit to share the Merom facility with the company.

“The low cost of power will be a very attractive incentive for miners looking for a base of operations,” Griggs said. “[T]he availability of cheap power is a huge plus. “We will be able to provide the miners from the United States and from all over the world with power on a wholesale basis, along with the physical space and the infrastructure to accommodate their hardware demands.”

Miners can benefit from AboutBit’s information technology expertise in the form of the company’s proprietary app, in addition to having easy access to electricity that is offered at prices that are comparable to other providers.

With this app, investors will be able to track performance in real time. They will be able to get an accurate measure of how much power their machines are using and how much cryptocurrency they have confirmed.

WIN Energy is a cooperative that is a member of Hoosier Energy, which is a provider of power to the RFC regional grid. Throughout its history, WIN Energy has played the role of an “energy source,” fostering economic expansion in local communities and enhancing the quality of life for its members by ensuring the safety and dependability of the electric service it offers.

AboutBit will be able to mine more Bitcoins with the help of the new facility, which adds to the company’s other mining sites in the Midwest and the West.

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