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Top 7 Best Jobs for Single Parents You Need To Know

    Working as a single parent presents its own set of challenges. For example, if your child becomes ill without the support of a partner, you must figure out child care and whether you need to take time off.

    Finding an employer who is accommodating and understands that not everyone, especially a single parent, is able to be available during regular business hours every day is one of the best things you can do for yourself.

    If you’re looking for work, look for positions that are more suited to single parents than others. Of course, choosing a family-friendly employer to work for is even more important, as a company’s culture will have the greatest impact on your single-parent work experience. Here are seven single-parent jobs that are better suited to raising a family on your own.

    #Customer Support Specialist

    Customer service representatives are frequently permitted to work remotely. In this role, you will answer questions, provide services, and complete transactions over the phone, email, chat, or social media. Hours may be flexible depending on the employer, as many companies provide 24/7 support.


    For those with an interest in finances, working as a bookkeeper often allows you to work from home and at whatever hours suit your schedule. You must be proficient with bookkeeping software and have previous experience managing financial records.

    #Virtual Assistant

    Administrative assistants handle secretarial tasks like typing up reports, sending memos, answering phone calls and emails, and maintaining calendars and appointments. These days, this work can frequently be done virtually rather than in an office setting. To be able to set their own hours and choose how much or how little work they do, many virtual assistants choose to work freelance, sometimes for multiple clients.

    #School Paraprofessional or Aide

    Working during school hours and only on school calendar days can be a great opportunity if you’re a single parent with children in school. Helping hands are available in the classroom from paraprofessionals, classroom assistants, and teacher assistants. You might be asked to help a single child or an entire class.


    Being an editor or proofreader can be a single parent-friendly job if you have writing or journalism skills because you can typically do it from home. Although most editors must meet deadlines, they are typically not required to work from 9 to 5. This gives them flexibility. If you’re not looking for a full-time position, editors can also find freelance opportunities.

    #Graphic Designer

    As a graphic designer, you can put your design skills to use. If you have a computer and software, you can often do this job from home or at least with more flexible hours. Many graphic designers work as independent contractors.

    #Real Estate Agent

    Real estate agents can set their own schedules, which allows for flexible hours of work. This might be a good fit if you like socializing and working outside the home but don’t want to commit to an office job.