Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2024: Best Deals & Offers

Do you want to know the dates of Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2024? Who wouldn’t want to score a great deal on some amazing wishlist items, after all? Indeed, I do! I, therefore, deduced this and produced this unduly simplified representation of every sale that will occur during the Flipkart Sale in 2024. Come along for the ride; it’s going to be an amazing one.

There are a lot of deals coming up on Flipkart this season, and I don’t want to overwhelm you. Nonetheless, there’s no need to worry, as we’ve compiled a list of all the dates and deals for the Flipkart Upcoming Sale 2024, where you can save big on clothing, electronics, appliances, and smartphones.

All Flipkart upcoming Sales 2024-2025

Flipkart Sale (Ongoing & Upcoming) Flipkart Sale Dates
Flipkart Mega Saving Days Sale 10th to 15th April 2024
Grand Kitchen Sale 16th to 19th April 2024
Flipkart TV Sales 20th April, 2024
Back to College Days 20th to 24th April 2024
Super Cooling Days 20th to 25th April, 2024
Flipkart Moto Days 14th to 18th May, 2024
Flipkart Brandastic Party Sale 26th to 29th May 2024
Flipkart Electronics Sale 6th to 10th July, 2024
Flipkart Big Savings Day 15th to 19th July, 2024
Flipkart Freedom Sale 5th to 9th August, 2024
Flipkart Independence Day Sale 12th to 15th August, 2024
Flipkart Rakhi Sale 18th to 21st August, 2024
Flipkart Month-End Mobiles Fest 25th to 31st August, 2024
Flipkart Mega Monsoon Days 26th to 31st August, 2024
Budget Dhamaka Sale 14th to 15th September, 2024
Flipkart Big Billion Day Sale 8th to 15th October, 2024
Grand Festive Days Sale 16th to 20th October, 2024
Smartphone Bonanza Sale 17th to 23rd October, 2024
Flipkart Diwali Sale 19th to 23rd October 2024
Flipkart Fashion Days 23rd to 26th November 2024
Grand Home Appliances sale 24th to 28th November 2024
Best Of Season Sale (BOSS) 24th to 28th November 2024
Grand Gadget Day sale 25th to 29th November 2024
Black Friday Sale 25th to 30th November 2024
Super Shaadi Sale 30th November 2024
Flipkart End-of-Season Sale 7th to 12th December 2024
Flipkart Year-End Sale 9th to 16th December 2024
Flipkart Christmas Sale 22nd to 25th December 2024
Flipkart Super Value Days Sale 20th to 25th December 2024
Flipkart New Year Sale 1st to 6th January 2025
Republic Day Sale 13th to 19th January 2025
Flipkart Big Bachat Days Sale 1st to 5th February 2025
Flipkart realme Exclusive Sale 1st to 8th February 2025
Flipkart Heart Days Sale 6th to 12th February, 2025
Flipkart Never Before Deals Sale 10th to 14th February 2025
EMI Days Sale 15th to 19th February, 2025
Flipkart Flights 20th to 26th February 2025
Flipkart Intel Sale 24th to 28th February 2025
Flipkart Month End Mobile Fest 25th to 29th February 2025
Flipkart Big Upgrade Sale 9th to 15th March 2025
Flipkart Holi Sale 10th March, 2025
Grand Furniture Sale 10th to 14th March, 2025
World Sleep Day 16th to 19th March 2025
Flipkart Summer Festive Days Sale 17th to 23rd March 2025
Flipkart Nation on Vacation Sale 14th to 22nd March 2025
Flipkart Appliances Bonanza 16th to 21st March 2025
Flipkart Big Bachat Days Sale 1st to 7th April 2025
Grand Home Appliance Sale 5th to 8th April, 2025

Check Out These Flipkart Upcoming Sales 2024

Grand Home Appliances Sale: The Grand Home Appliances Sale, where you can score some amazing TV and appliance deals at reasonable costs and simple EMI options, will begin in April. This sale, which offers multiple discounts, is probably going to run for four days. Additionally, buyers received savings of up to 80% on a few household appliances. We provide the appliances you require at a cost you can afford, including refrigerators, washers, and dryers in addition to microwaves. So hurry and pick up some fascinating stuff for yourself.

Start Date: April 27, 2024 

End Date: April 30, 2024

Grand Home Appliances Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart Brandtastic Party Sale: An exciting shopping experience is promised by Flipkart’s Brandtastic Party Sale. This sale offers tempting deals on a wide range of products, including fashion, home appliances, and electronics. For astute consumers, it’s the perfect chance to upgrade electronics, revamp wardrobes, and improve living areas.

Start Date: 26th May 2024

End Date: 29th May 2024

Flipkart Brandtastic Party Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart Electronics Sale: Flipkart is offering a wide range of electronic products at a generous discount of up to 75% off, so shoppers are in for a treat during the Electronics Sale. Customers can update their homes with the newest technology and appliances without breaking the bank thanks to this significant discount. The sale includes a wide range of essential electronics, from energy-efficient air conditioners to state-of-the-art smart TVs.

Start Date: 6th July 2024

End Date: 10th July 2024

Flipkart Electronics Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale: The Flipkart Freedom sale is expected to begin on August 5 and continue until August 9. To commemorate the arrival of August 15th, Flipkart will be offering great deals and offers on a variety of products, including smartphones, TVs, laptops, tablets, electronics, home appliances, kitchenware, clothing, and more.

Start Date: August 5th

End Date: August 9th

Flipkart Big Freedom Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart Budget Dhamaka Sale: The Flipkart Budget Dhamaka Sale is an extravagant shopping event that offers a wide selection of products in numerous categories to suit the needs of shoppers who are both style-savvy and budget conscious. This sale, which has more than 1000 brands, includes everything from kids’ clothing to men’s and women’s apparel, bags, accessories, fake jewelry, and footwear for both sexes.

Start Date: 14th September 2024

End Date: 15th September 2024

Flipkart Budget Dhamaka Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Big Billion Days Sale: The Big Billion Days sale, the original sale, is the biggest of the year. The Big Billion Days sale on Flipkart is anticipated to begin on October 8 and run through October 15. The best discounts on TVs, computers, smartphones, tablets, home appliances, clothing, cosmetics, and more are anticipated during this sale.

Start Date: October 8th

End Date: October 15th

Big Billion Days Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Big Diwali Sale: The Big Diwali Sale, Flipkart’s next biggest sale, will take place after the Big Billion Sale. Flipkart is having amazing sales on a variety of products in honor of Diwali, including TVs, smartphones, tablets, electronics, home appliances, clothing, cosmetics, and more. The anticipated start date is November 2.

Start Date: November 2nd

End Date: November 11th

Big Diwali Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale

Flipkart End-of-Season Sale: Don’t miss this year’s big fashion event, which takes place in mid-December! Fantastic discounts are available on the newest trends during the End of end-of-season sale. Explore an extensive selection of apparel, accessories, and more, and take advantage of discounts that will satisfy your budget.

Start Date: 7th December 2024

End Date: 12th December 2024

Flipkart End-of-Season Sale- Flipkart Upcoming Sale


Q1. Are there exclusive deals available to new customers?

Ans. Yes, as a welcoming gesture, Flipkart sale regularly introduces special offers and exclusive discounts for first-time customers during their sales events.

Q2. Can I return the things that I bought on sale?

Ans. Indeed, during sales, Flipkart’s return policy is still in effect. This guarantees you the freedom to return things within the allotted time if they don’t live up to your expectations or if you decide to change your mind after buying them.

Q3. Are there ways to pay for large purchases over time?

Ans. Of course! Flipkart sale offers free EMI options during sales, so you can afford to pay for expensive items every month.

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