In the Professional Fighters League’s Main Event, Alex Martinez Comes Out on Top Over Clay Collard

In the Professional Football Leagues Main Event Alex Martinez Comes Out on Top Over Clay Collard

At the fourth event of the Fighters League’s regular season in 2022, the lightweight and light heavyweight divisions fought.

The playoffs are coming up soon. The main event of PFL 4 was a lightweight fight between Clay Collard and Alex Martinez. The three-round fight was entertaining enough to be the main event.

Collard (21-10, 1 NC) confidently advanced forward while throwing punches, showing off his boxing skills. In the beginning, Martinez (10-2, 1 NC) was unable to deal with the pressure and became susceptible to takedowns.

In the second round, “Cassius” Clay dropped Martinez with a well-timed hook and followed his opponent to the mat.

This was a mistake, as the Paraguayan fighter would take Collard’s back and threaten with a rear-naked choke.

Despite Collard’s best efforts in the third, Martinez was able to take him down and finish the fight in the top position.

For Martinez, it was a two-out-of-three split decision victory after 15 minutes of action, with two of the three judges awarding him a 29-28 scorecard.

Martinez has qualified for the PFL playoffs after the win. In the co-main event, Antonio Carlos Jr., the PFL 2021 light heavyweight champion, defeated Bruce Souto to clinch a playoff spot.

Souto (15-5) showed little urgency after he was knocked out of playoff contention midway through the fight, and Carlos Jr. (15-5, 2-NC) dominated the fight from start to finish.

The Brazilian’s final takedown, the “Cara de Sapato,” gave him the unanimous decision victory he needed with three 30-27 scorecards.

Carlos Jr. will face Omari Akhmedov in the semifinals, who is ranked No. 3. Reigning PFL lightweight champion Raush Manfio was knocked out by Olivier Aubin-Mercier in his first fight since 2018.

After slow starts by both strikers in Round 1, Aubin-Mercier (15-5) disrupted Manfio’s game (16-4) in Round 2.

Another slow motion shot, this time with Aubin-Mercier leading the way on the feet. “Cavalo de Guerra” would see some action in the third round, but it was too late.

“The Canadian Gangster” won the fight by scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28, advancing to the playoffs with a total of six points this season.

The main event began with a lightweight bout between Myles Price and Jeremy Stephens, a veteran of the mixed martial arts combat sport.

With their shaved head hair, the Ultimate Fighting Championship alumni showed that they had difficulty gaining weight and dealing with Price’s all-around game (11-9).

It was Stephens (29-20, 1 NC) who had the better calf kicks, but was unable to find his rhythm for a stoppage in this fight. Resilient Price was able to take advantage of favorable ground positions in the final two rounds of the tournament.

With scores of 29-28, 28-29 and 29-28 in favor of Stephens, the judges awarded him a split decision victory and three points, but he failed to advance to the PFL playoffs.

After defeating Teodoras Aukstuolis, light heavyweight contender Akhmedov remained unbeaten in the 2022 PFL season.

In the first round, Aukstuolis (11-7-1) was repeatedly punished on the feet by Akhmedov’s (23-7-1) heavy hands.

After dropping Akhmedov in the second round, Aukstuolis had a glimmer of hope, but the Lithuanian was swept and eventually submitted via arm-triangle choke.

At the 2:50 mark of Round 2, Aukstuolis didn’t tap, but he was knocked out by a chokehold. Akhmedov now has 11 points and is assured of a playoff berth. For three rounds, Natan Schulte and Marcin Held traded blows as lightweights.

When these two met in 2021, Held (27-9) came out on top, but Schulte (22-5-1) showed growth in their second meeting.

To put it succinctly, he kept the fight on its feet for long periods of time with the help of his sharper punches, which allowed him to build a lead over his Brazilian opponent.

Schulte won the fight by scores of 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28 after the first 15 minutes. Schulte gained three points as a result of the win. Delan Monte stunned Emiliano Sordi in the light heavyweight division.

Both fighters exchanged early blows, but it was Monte (8-2) who landed the more precise ones. Sordi (23-11-1), who was unable to compose himself as Monte rained down punches, was clipped by a huge overhand right.

At 1:32 of the first round, the six points were officially awarded. The victory over fellow light heavyweight Viktor Pesta by Rob Wilkinson earned him a place in the PFL playoffs.

Wilkinson (15-2) pounded Pesta (18-8) with punches and dominated the center of the cage at the start of the fight.

A well-timed counter from “Razor” dropped Pesta, who was clearly dazed, and the fight was called off at 3:03 of the first round after several punches from “Razor.”

The No. 1 seed and a semi-final clash with Monte have been secured for the Australian with 11 points. Joshua Silveira dominated Marthin Hamlet in the first fight of the night at light heavyweight, adding to his impressive highlight reel in the process.

An early head kick from Silveira (9-0) knocked Hamlet (9-4) out of the fight.. In the end, the undefeated American knocked his opponent out with a knee and a series of punches.

Silveira earned six points in his promotional debut after the game ended at 3:27 of Round 1. In the first showcase fight, Jake Childers, a lightweight replacement, faced off against Nate Jennerman.

“Nasty” sprung into action as he pinned Childers (9-3) against the cage and threw a barrage of punches at him.

In the second round, Jennerman (16-5) finished “The Working Man” with a rear-naked choke to win by unanimous decision. Round 2’s official taping occurred at 2:00 p.m.

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