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Top 5 Tips to Shorten Your Next Job Search

    Executives rarely need to look for new employment. Therefore, if it has been a while since your last job search, things may have changed significantly. As a first step, carefully go over your resume to ensure that it is formatted correctly and free of errors. Some job seekers are still baffled by how long it takes them to land a position. Consider the following advice as you start your next job search.

    #Target Effectively

    You need to do some preparation work before you can write a strong resume. You must focus on the sector or particular employer to which you are sending your resume. If you don’t know what a company needs, you won’t be able to clearly demonstrate your value on your resume, which must show a certain amount of value you bring to the table. Target a select few companies and thoroughly investigate them, including each job description, to determine exactly what they require. Based on the details in your resume, the hiring manager will be able to tell how serious you are about the job.

    #Focus On Your Personal Brand

    Even the best resume won’t take you very far. Developing your personal brand is crucial if you want to land a job. It’s reasonable to assume hiring managers will Google your name, so it’s advisable for you to do the same and see what comes up. To make sure your online presence accurately represents who you are as a person, remove anything you don’t want to be seen.

    #Be Specific About What You Want

    It’s simple to feel hopeless and simply want the next job that appears when you’re unemployed. But it’s crucial that you take some time to consider what you really want from your next position. Consider your prior experiences, the value you can bring to the table, and your true motivations. Make sure to note any non-negotiable elements in your thought process as there may be some. Just keep in mind to be realistic in this regard to avoid cutting yourself off from too many employment opportunities. When you are clear on your career goals, you can begin crafting a resume that will stand out to employers.

    #Set Realistic Goals

    It’s typically unrealistic to think you can spend eight hours a day looking for work if you’re unemployed and looking. Think about setting aside a few hours each day to work diligently on your job search because burnout is just as real with it as it is with actual jobs. This may entail using a resume writing service, going to a networking event, making adjustments to your social media profiles, creating content for LinkedIn, and other activities. Setting achievable goals will help you stay motivated and avoid burnout.

    #Don’t Stop Networking

    One common error was made by professionals is spending excessive time searching for work online via job boards. There may be a lot of job postings, but finding work through one is unlikely. Networking has replaced more traditional methods of finding new employees in many workplaces. It’s recommended that you instead focus on building professional connections through social media and in-person events. Because you can never predict who you will run into at an event of this type, it’s important to always put your best foot forward. As most executive-level jobs won’t be advertised publicly, networking is your best bet for discovering this latent labor market and moving up the corporate ladder more quickly.