Trading has ceased in Escape from Tarkov because merchants will no longer accept cash.

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Even though the flea market is still operational, pre-wipe events are still going on in Escape from Tarkov. Traders will only take items in exchange for others at this point.

This morning, Battlestate Games tweeted a video that showed a soldier griping about how traders no longer require paper because they only deal in bartered items.

The video served as an announcement that the event was about to begin.

To make a long story short, traders will continue to be open, but they will not accept any form of monetary exchange, including rubles, euros, or dollars. Instead, they will only conduct business with barter items.

If you have a lot of junk in your Lucky Scave boxes, now is the time to clean them out and trade them in for some new gear.

These pre-wipe events have switched places compared to the events that occurred before previous wipes; as is customary, the flea market will close before traders.

It is unknown whether the flea market will also close in the near future. However, players have reported that it is still open and accepting customers at the moment.

It’s possible that this will bring the economy of the game to its knees, and the players aren’t entirely sure what the Battlestate Games are trying to accomplish here.

Because the Tarkov development log does not show any changes since yesterday, the previous boss event on customs is still ongoing, along with the Trader event.

This is the case despite the fact that the bosses have been completely removed from their original locations.

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