Wait is Over: All of Us Are Dead Season 2 on Netflix!

All of Us Are Dead Season 2: The popular TV show “All of Us Are Dead,” about zombies and loved by many fans, is coming back sooner than people thought. Fans have been waiting for almost two years for the new season.

The release date for Season 2 has been announced recently by the people in charge. Season 1 was a big hit, and in June 2022, they said yes to making Season 2. But since then, they have not said much about who is in it or how they are making it. Here is what we know so far about Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead.

All of Us Are Dead season 2 finally gets a 2024

All of Us Are Dead Season 2 on Netflix!
All of Us Are Dead Season 2 on Netflix! | PC: Netflix

“All of Us Are Dead” is a popular South Korean horror series on Netflix. It is about a zombie outbreak in a high school and follows the struggles of students and teachers trying to survive. The show became a hit because it is well-made and really addictive. Now, it is getting a second season, which fans are eagerly waiting for.

We have heard that All of Us Are Dead will have another season. That is a good decision because if you want a zombie show that really grabs you and keeps you hooked, you can not find a better one than this South Korean horror series. If you enjoy thrilling zombie stories, this series is definitely worth checking out!

Director Lee Jae-kyo says on Season 2

In an interview with The Korea Herald, director Lee Jae-kyo of “All of Us Are Dead” mentioned that he purposely left space in the show for the possibility of a second season.

“Many directions, settings and scenes were intentionally produced to expand the story into an additional season, including the introduction of the new races of zombies,” said Lee, referring to the hybrid zombies we see in the show’s second half.

“If the first season can be seen as having presented humanity’s survival, the next season can talk about the survival of zombies.”

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When will All of Us Are Dead season 2 be out?

The TV show was supposed to start being made in early 2024. Fans were excited to see sneak peeks and updates from the main actor. But they were disappointed because nothing was shared.

Some people who know about the show said filming might keep going until the middle of 2024. If they finish filming by June 2024 and work on the show without stopping, fans might see it again in early 2025. But BH Entertainment said the show might come back before the end of the year. It could be on Netflix in late 2024.

Who is in All of Us Are Dead season 2?

Though many of the original cast did not survive, a few key characters made it out alive to potentially reappear in Season 2 of All of Us Are Dead. These survivors include On-jo, Su-hyeok, Dae-su, Ha-ri, Mi-jin, and Hyo-ryung. It is also all but confirmed that fan favorite Cheong-san will be back, despite his dramatic sacrifice in Season 1.

Actor Yoon Chan-young appeared in the Season 2 announcement video, though he remains coy on how exactly his character will return. Fans eagerly await to see if Cheong-san appears alive, in flashbacks, or perhaps even undead.

One character guaranteed to reprise her role is Choi Nam-ra, played by Cho Yi-hyun. While Season 2 will feature some familiar faces, the loss of many original cast members leaves room for new characters and storylines in the next chapter of this zombie saga.

What will happen in All of Us Are Dead season 2?

In All of Us Are Dead, many characters died, but there might be more to their stories in a possible second season. The show is about a zombie outbreak in the city of Hyosan, which was destroyed by the military.

Season one ended some character’s stories, but the creator, Lee Jae-kyoo, suggested there might be new kinds of zombies in a ruined Seoul for season two. One character, Nam-ra, didn’t turn into a full zombie even though she got infected.

She is like a mix of human and zombie, stronger and less affected by pain. But she still craves human flesh, which could be a big problem in a second season.

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