Who styled the rainbow-frock dress like a diva, Avneet Kaur or Donal Bisht?

Who styled the rainbow frock dress like a diva Avneet Kaur or Donal Bisht

Avneet Kaur and Donal Bisht, two popular TV actresses, both wore rainbow-colored ensembles recently.

The two most well-known actresses on Indian television are Avneet Kaur and Donal Bisht. Their success on stage has brought them widespread acclaim.

The audience adores them together on screen. Diva and Diva B.O.B. both have millions of followers on Instagram. So, they amuse their followers by constantly posting new content, such as photos and videos.

The same rainbow frock dress was seen on both Avneet Kaur and Donal Bisht, but they both wore theirs in distinctive ways. Let’s see who has better taste in clothing.

Avneet Kaur wore a colourful and stunning rainbow dress in this video clip that was recently released. The actress accessorised her look with a pair of sneakers.

In addition, she had painted her nails, worn matte pink lipstick and rosy pink blush, and worn smoky, dramatic eye makeup. Her makeup was finished off with painted nails.

The woman’s hair is styled into a low bun with a part, and some of the strands fall gracefully over her cheeks.

The diva kept things straightforward and laid-back as she danced through the reel while showing off her nakhras in the video. Walking around in that stunning dress made Avneet look absolutely stunning.

Donal Bisht, meanwhile, wore a rainbow-colored dress that looked almost identical to it. Thanks to the actress, we no longer looked cool but rather sophisticated.

The diva wore her hair down, paired it with red lipstick and winged eyeliner, adorned her face with beautiful earrings, and finished off her look with a diamond bracelet.

In contrast, she looked even more glamorous in a pair of clear heels. Donal Bisht is glowing in all of his brightly coloured clothing.

Source: Instagram

Regarding who did it better, we are at a standstill, so the choice is yours. So who had the best style? Please let us know in the comments, and keep reading Lmnewstime.xyz for similar updates.

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